Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

The past two Mother's Days were tough for me. I desperately wanted to be pregnant but was told that my chances were not so good. This Mother's Day my heart went out to all the women who are struggling with wanting to become mothers. I understand that special kind of sadness. This year I finally woke up on Mother's Day and realized--I am a mother! This is what it is all about. Nobody but me can say they are Carter and Grayson's mommy. That alone makes me the most special mother in the world.

We decided to visit my family this weekend so we traveled up to good old Lancaster/Palmdale. Carter was a lucky boy--he got to visit with so many relatives! And of course, as always, he was the main attraction. My dad made a delicious BBQ dinner and we all just hung out. So... what did Carter get me for Mother's Day? I am STILL anxiously awaiting... Dave promises I will have whatever it is by next week. The suspense is killing me!

Here is Carter spending time with his Great-Grandmas (and Honey, the dog!)

And here Carter is with his Grandpa (check out that smile!):

And here we are playing in my dad's big backyard. He build a playhouse for his granddaughters but now we have to make it a bit more boy-friendly. We are thinking of a castle!

And here is Carter spending time with his sweet little girl cousins--they are so cute with him!


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