Saturday, May 22, 2010


I don't really have much to blog about but I had some cute pictures and a really cute video (Carter laughing at the doctor's office) that I thought I would share. Carter is doing great--he is growing up so fast! He even held his bottle while he ate the other night (briefly, but it was still awesome!) The pediatrician said we could try him out on rice cereal soon if we want. I promise to take a video of that, as I am sure it will be a memorable experience! Oh and my Mother's Day present finally arrived! Carter (and Dave) got me a kit so I can take his hand and footprints and a frame that on one side has his picture and on the other side we take a plaster imprint of his little foot (which isn't so little anymore!) I will take a picture of the finished product once it's complete. It was a very thoughtful present--Carter did well! :)


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